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Welcome to Lower Merion Shuls, (not to be confused with the Lower Merion Synagogue list)  This list serve started out for the Lower Merion community but has now extended into it's neighboring communities of Center City and Cherry Hill, NJ. .

It is for: Community Announcements ~ Real Estate Sales & Rentals Employment ~ Garage Sales ~ Ride shares & anything else related to Lower Merion and Philadelphia.


Complete Policy and rules can be founds :HERE


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Lower Merion Community Events in Lower Merion areas. 
Notices of institutional news, shiurim and events (Since this is a list serve run for and by Orthodox Jews, all events with food or refreshments must indicate what Kosher Supervision is provided)
Events of interest to members and nonmembers; Shiva notices; Community blood drives.


Houses/ apartments for sale or rent  in the Lower Merion & Philadelphia area; 
Cars for sale;
Lower Merion business events;
Lower Merion Garage Sales;
Lost and Found; Parlor Meeting at your house;
Information about softball, basketball, soccer leagues;
Housekeeper/Maid Requests;
Rides to a funeral/Carpool Requests
Lower Merion Playgroup Requests;
Job Postings; 
Backyard Camps;


Offensive or disparaging emails;
Loshon Hoora (Gossip);
Posting for an event whose Kashrut is questionable; 
Views, opinions and political events or news items.


Do Not repeat posts. You can repeat a post after a month. 
Please sign your name in all emails. Please remove any lengthy signatures or forwarding headers. Please check the accuracy and limit the size of articles sent. 

Minors signing up for babysitting jobs etc. can ask their parents to post for them and cannot sign up without parental approval. 

Additional policies can be found by accessing the URL at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LMShuls/files/policy.doc

Thank you. 

*The list monitors reserve the right to remove any individual who intentionally abuses this list-serve

** The Lower Merion Shuls List Serve is not affiliated with the Lower Merion Synagogue.

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