Kol Nidre Campaign

Dear Member of the Lower Merion Synagogue,


It is a great privilege to write on behalf of LMS, to ask you to make a pledge during our Yom Kippur appeal and to tell you about a new way to make that pledge.


The LMS doors open thousands of times every week: for multiple daily minyanim; for youth and senior programming; for Shabbat services, kiddush, and seudah shlishit; for educational programs; and more. The LMS doors open so often and so reliably that it can seem as if they open by themselves.


But of course, the doors do not open by themselves. We all open them, and we keep them open, by volunteering and by providing financial support.


Dues cover less than 50% of our expenses. We depend on member contributions to fill the gap. We all have some capacity – whether large or small – and a corresponding obligation to contribute beyond our dues. Our Yom Kippur appeal provides an opportunity to fulfill that obligation.


Traditionally, we have used pledge cards distributed during services, and we will continue that system. However, this system misses some people and can surprise others. So, this year we will call everyone to provide the opportunity to pledge in advance, to help reach our goal of 100% participation in the Yom Kippur appeal.


We will make these calls on Super Monday (also known as Labor Day). Please respond as generously as you can. We need you to help keep the LMS doors open.



Wishing you a shana tovah u’metukah.



Tom Baker

President, Lower Merion Synagogue

Please donate to the Yom Kippur Appeal today:

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