Aging in Place Resource Guide

Aging in Place Project Resource Guide


This is a guide to organizations who provide services to help seniors maintain their status living at home as they age. The emphasis is on organizations with sensitivity to the needs of the Jewish community (but not exclusively). It also focuses on organizations which provide a relatively wide range of services, in the Eastern Lower Merion catchment area (between City Line Avenue and Bryn Mawr).

The information in this Guide is taken from web sites and other publicly available sources, supplemented by meetings with the management of several organizations, and with the staff of The Lower Merion Synagogue. The organizations covered are divided into several categories, in descending order of how much we were able to supplement publicly available information with our own assessments of capabilities:

  • Organizations where the AIPP core group had meetings with the management; these are obviously the organizations about which we know the most. They are:
    • Abramson Center for Jewish Life
    • Jewish Family and Childrens Services
    • Caring Friends’ Home Care and Intervention Associates
  • Organizations which have been vetted by local synagogues:
    • Aura Home Care (has a relationship with LMS)
    • Silver Lining (has a relationship with LMS)
    • Lankenau Hospital – Shabbat Suite and Educational Programs
  • Other organizations which came up in discussion as reliable and providing useful services, but where we have not gathered any additional information or made additional assessments:
    • Organizations providing care management and other services
      • Seniors Helping Seniors
      • Guardian Angels
      • ElderNet

Local synagogues and other organizations which provide classes and other social activities (especially during the daytime)

  • Lower Merion Synagogue
  • Kohelet Yeshiva High School Beit Midrash program
  • Chabad of the Main Line
  • Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El
  • Main Line Reform Temple
  • Golden Slipper Club
  • New Horizons Senior Center
  • Gratz College
  • Main Line School Night
  • Main Line Arts Center

Our focus is on what services are available (which is a lot), not on gaps that need to be filled. We provide an initial introduction to these organizations, to aid the reader in making a first assessment of where to go when seeking support for ones’ self, a family member, or an acquaintance. It is not a substitute for personal due diligence and in-depth discussion with each organization once they have been contacted.

Additional resource lists may be found at the websites of:

  • ElderNet:
  • Montco:

We hope that readers of this Guide will share their experience with these and other organizations by posting comments to the AIPP list serve. We will update this guide as additional information becomes available.



Abramson Center for Jewish Life

Web site:


Abramson has been in existence for 150 years, and their primary mission has always been, and will continue to be, to serve as a safety net for indigent (Medicaid-eligible) Jews. However, they also provide services to other individuals of all financial means, race and religion. Their goal is to keep people out of nursing homes (although they run a major assisted-care facility and a hospice facility); they continue to change and add services. Their services have a strong medical focus.

Services Offered

Services are provided from a large number of locations around the greater Philadelphia area.  They also include services for institutionalized patients (nursing home, assisted care) as well as people living at home. The list below focuses on services which are for people living at home, and delivered locally from their facility in the office building of Bryn Mawr Hospital, or by phone access. Other services (inpatient and in other locations) are listed on their web site.

  • Care Advisors: a 24/7 free information and referral service, manned by experienced Masters in Social Work personnel. Advice includes identifying services needed, financial assistance eligibility, and what to look for in a service provider. Referrals are for both Abramson and community resources, as appropriate. Contact numbers: 215-371-3400 or 888-340-0080.
  • Geriatric Care Management: High-touch, concierge-level support, aimed at high net worth individuals. Home visits with a focus on identifying needed medical and other services to develop a plan to enable aging in place. Partner with family, physicians, financial managers and attorneys as needed and wanted. Cases can be shared with JFCS who provide the social service support. Contact numbers: 267-652-1447 or 888-917-0587.
  • Concierge Geriatric Medical Practice: A concierge (annual fee) primary care practice with a limited number of patients and priority access for members. Offers convenient appointments with same-day sick visits, access to telemedicine consultations, cellphone access to practitioners, and personalized web portal. Gets very high reviews from those who have used the service. Located at Bryn Mawr Hospital. Contact number: 484-756-8700.
  • Healthy Brain and Memory Center: A state of the art facility at Bryn Mawr Hospital, including services of a cognitive neuroscientist and an internist. In addition to the medical component, the role of the service to is develop a life plan to enable patients and families to live with a cognitive impairment diagnosis.
  • Home Health Care:
    • Short term rehabilitative care and medical management (cardiac and orthopedic aftercare, wound care, oxygen and feeding support, medication instruction, home health aide assistance, etc.)
    • Home Care/Private Duty nursing – an hourly service available 24/7, including personal assistance with daily living, light housekeeping and meal preparation, escorts for medical appointments and daily outings, companions, and respite for family members

Contact number: 215-371-3490







JFCS (Jewish Family and Children’s Service)

Web site:

Contact to connect to the JFC S Care Navigator: 1-866-JFCS-NOW

Initial requests for services can also be made through a web based form (select “Older Adult Care” as what you would like to learn more about):

JFCS Older Adults program focuses on aging in place to maintain quality of life, safety and independence. Once a client is referred to JFCS an Older Adult care manager is assigned, and a home visit is scheduled to complete a comprehensive psychosocial assessment. This encompasses a cognitive, psychological, physical, social and financial assessment. The client is evaluated to determine their ability to function in their home regarding activities of daily living including: bathing, dressing, meal preparation, shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, managing medication and finances and transportation. The Care Managers assist in identifying future needs so the client can remain safe and independent in their home.

After identifying the client’s unique needs, JFCS coordinates with community-based resources to provide needed assistance. JFCS connects clients with potential public entitlements, in-home services through area agencies on aging services, transportation supports, and other services as required.

Any request for JFCS services should include the agreement and knowledge of the individual being referred.

JFCS is committed to cultural competency, including the Orthodox community. The agency’s Ma’oz program focuses on staff education and outreach to the Orthodox community, and a JFCS social worker primarily works with members of the community.

Payment for JFCS services is on a sliding scale.

Services Offered

  • Senior Horizons Program: A fee for service case management program. A social worker will evaluate the client’s needs and coordinate services (e.g., house cleaning, home care, POA preparation). The social worker monitors the services to assure things are going smoothly and make modifications as needed (e.g., request a different home or case worker). This service can be self-referred or referred by a relative.
  • Individual counseling.
  • Professionally led support groups.
  • Financial assessment and support based need, eligibility criteria is assessed.
  • Assessment/Connection to in home care services for personal care and light housekeeping.
  • Transportation assessment and provision of JFCS or community-based resources.
  • Hoarding assessment to determine how JFCS programming can assist or direct client.



Caring Friends’ Homecare and Intervention Associates

Web sites:


Contact number: 610-254-9001 (both organizations)


Caring Friends Home Care and Intervention Associates are both part of Friends’ Life Care Partners.

Caring Friends Home Care provides in-home nonmedical, concierge, and medication management services.

Intervention Associates provides care management, healthcare navigation, expert crisis intervention, and legal guardianship services.

Both are Quaker organizations. We have inquired specifically, and they have told us that they are not involved in any BDS or other anti-Israel activities.


Caring Friends’ Home Care

Home Care Services

  • Assistance with activities of daily living: Help with bathing, dressing, grooming, getting in and out of bed, using the bathroom, eating and other normal everyday functions—at home or as a supplement to facility care.
  • Monitoring of meals and medications: Help adhering to dietary restrictions and keeping track of and taking medications.
  • Homemaking: Help with meal preparation and light housekeeping.
  • Availability to provide different levels of caregiving services: Certified nursing assistants and home care aides are available short- or long-term for hourly, overnight and live-in assignments.


Concierge Services


  • Grocery shopping: Accompanying in-person, or on-line
  • Assistance with office visits: Transport and accompany clients to medical and related office visits (doctors, rehab, counseling, etc.), ensure follow-through in obtaining prescriptions and adhering to directions, and communicate with family members, as appropriate.
  • Social companionship: We provide drivers and companions to escort clients to dinner, movies, concerts, theater, community events and other social activities, also just to visit and chat.


Intervention Associates

  • Needs assessment, care planning and implementation
  • Legal guardianship
  • Health care power of attorney
  • Crisis intervention
  • Financial, legal and medical evaluation with referrals to specialists
  • Arranging access to suitable community and public benefits resources
  • Caregiving coordination and quality monitoring
  • Liaison with family, health care providers and professional advisors
  • Help in understanding and obtaining insurance benefits
  • Advocacy, education, counseling and empowerment





Aura Home Care

Web site:

Contact number: 610-234-3828 or on-line form:


A home-care agency which aims to allow seniors to live independently as long as possible.

Headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, and has an ongoing relationship with Lower Merion Synagogue.

Services Offered

  • Personal Care: Certified Nurse Assistant or Home Health Aide provides assistance with the activities of daily living in the home, including dressing and grooming, bathing, rest room assistance, transition from bed to chair, walking exercise, taking vital signs, transport to doctors’ appointments and grocery shopping, light housekeeping and meal preparation, etc.
  • Homemaker/Companion: For those who do not need hands-on assistance but would like companionship or help with routine chores that have become more challenging, including light housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, medication reminders, local transport to doctors or shopping, accompanied walks, etc.
  • Hospital Accompaniment: Assistance with getting to the hospital, checking in, staying in the hospital, discharge, and recovery period at home.
  • Transport: complete transport support, including pick-up with assistance, assistance in getting into your destination once arrive, remaining there until you are done, and transfer back home.
  • Travel Assist: Take care of all the chores involved in travel: help pack, accompany you in your car or by plane, handle luggage, hotel check-in, excursions while on the trip, etc.



Silver Lining

Web site:

Contact number: Through an on-line web form:


A home health care agency that provides help with daily living activities.

Headquartered in Wyncote, and has an ongoing relationship with Lower Merion Synagogue.

Services Offered

  • Personal Care: Assist with personal cleanliness, bathing, and showering; dressing, bathroom needs, incontinence; assist with walking and range of motion exercises; help the client manage and enjoy the outdoors


  • Light Housekeeping: linen changing, bathroom cleaning, care for laundry


  • Meal Preparation: prepare meals and special diets; assist with feeding


  • Assistance with Taking of Medication: assure that medication is taken as directed from an agreed-upon, written list provided by the client or client’s family


  • Errands and Appointments: assist with food shopping; answer the phone; accompany and facilitate doctor and hospital appointments, hairdresser, etc.


  • Social Needs: Provide opportunities for socializing for individuals who are homebound and isolated.





Lankenau Hospital

Web site:


In addition to medical services, Lankenau (and the Main Line Health System) offers a Senior Care Line which provides access to licensed social workers who can answer questions and connect callers with health care services and community organizations, including:

  • Physician referrals and appointments
  • Social and psychosocial support
  • In-home care
  • Senior day programs
  • Educational and screening programs

Contact number: 484-580-1234

The hospital system also offers educational and exercise programs for seniors. Events are listed on their senior services web page at:



Seniors Helping Seniors

Web site:

Contact number: contact is through a web-based request form:

“Seniors Helping Seniors matches senior caregivers with senior care recipients. Their philosophy is that Seniors can help each other age more gracefully, happily, and productively, and that Seniors who provide care and companionship benefit just as much as the seniors who receive it.”

They are a franchise organization, with local offices in Havertown and Warminster.

All services are provided on a per-hour fee basis. Service providers are compensated. (It seems sort of like a for-profit village.)

Guardian Angels

Web site:

Contact number: 215-533-2924

Guardian Angels is a home-care services provider located in Northeast Philadelphia. Their philosophy is to provide “a unique community-based service that assists our clients and allows them to remain safe and independent in their own homes or apartments.”


Web site:

Contact number:

“ElderNet helps older neighbors remain independent and provides a variety of free, practical services so they have access to healthcare and an improved quality of life. ElderNet also provides information to individuals who need assistance with housing, nursing care, or other necessities.” They have a specific focus on frail older or younger disabled persons with low to moderate incomes.

Programs include:

  • “Lock for Life,” which provides emergency personnel access to your home if you are unable to open the door
  • Emergency services: accessing and applying for benefits and public services; follow-up with clients with chronic disease management issues, work with police in visiting people in crisis, address insurance questions, and assist with housing problems, financial problems, accessing benefits, and post-hospitalization issues.
  • When funds are available, assist with money for fuel, rent, food, and other one-time financial emergencies.
  • A food pantry (no emphasis on kosher food other than what might have a hechsher anyway)
  • Telephone Reassurance Program: calling the homebound each day to check on their health and security.
  • Information and Referral Services: assess immediate needs, and find resources to meet those needs.

Their website also has a comprehensive resource guide:

Synagogues and Schools

Many local synagogues and Jewish schools active programs for their senior members, or which seniors can benefit from, including communal lunches, classes and trips. Schedules of activities are on their websites.

Lower Merion Synagogue

LMS Seniors

Kohelet Yeshiva High School Beit Midrash Program

Chabad of the Main Line

Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El

Main Line Reform Temple


Golden Slipper Club

Web site:

Contact number: 610-896-5808

The Main Line program is located at Temple Adath Israel on North Highland Avenue in Merion Station. They run series of courses (pay per course) of four and eight weeks duration on a wide variety of subjects under their “Lifelong Learning” program.  There is also a free book club, and various trips to shows, concerts and museums, and a series of free lectures.

New Horizons Senior Center

Web site:

Contact number: 610-664-2366

A community center for adults aged 55+. Provides lifelong learning programs in various arts and crafts, a monthly book club, computer education, recreational programs (line dancing, crocheting-knitting circle, bridge and garden clubs and others) and health and wellness services.

Membership starts at $30 per year.

Gratz College

Web site:

Contact number:  215-635-7300 x182

Through its Gratz Scholars Program, Gratz College offers courses for adults in the community who enjoy learning in an intellectual atmosphere with instructors who are highly regarded experts in their fields. Ongoing courses are offered each semester in a variety of subjects and topics as well as Hebrew and Yiddish language. The Scholars Program also sponsors Distinguished Lecture Series, Yiddish programs, Israeli films and other special events.

Most courses are given at the Gratz campus in Elkins Park, although occasionally some are located on the Main Line.

Main Line Arts Center

Web site:

Contact number: 610-525-0272

Provides a wide range of art classes on a fee-per course basis, for all levels (including their “Discovering…” series for beginners). Classes are during the day and at night.

Main Line School NIght

Web site:

Contact number: 610-896-5808

An enormous variety of courses, on a pay-per-course basis. Contrary to the name, not all of the courses are at night.