LMS Facility Rentals

The Lower Merion Synagogue offers a number of options for your catering and simcha needs. Room reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis and must be made prior to finalizing plans with the caterer. The office will provide you with a contract for the room reservation along with a list of all fees.


LMS members may reserve dates on a first-come-first-served basis. Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates may be reserved up to three years in advance. To reserve a date, please call the shul office at 610-664-5626.

If a request is made for the date you have reserved and you have not returned your signed contract form and deposit, you will be contacted for an immediate decision regarding the rental. Failure to provide the contract and deposit in a timely manner will result in the date being released for other functions.


To see the LMS Booking Policy click here.



The Lower Merion Synagogue Sisterhood arranges for Bimah flowers. Please contact the Sisterhood if you are interested in sponsoring the flowers. A percentage of your sponsorship benefits Sisterhood programs. If you choose to hire a florist on your own, please contact the Sisterhood Flower chairperson for guidelines regarding delivery, size and placement.



The office will provide a current list of approved caterers. Please be advised that all caterers must have current kashrus and insurance certificates on file with the shul. If there is a documentation issue, you will be promptly notified.



Arrangements must be made with the shul office regarding facility access. Deliveries by vendors need to be scheduled in advance and on Fridays be completed by noon. If you are having a mid-week event, you may request that your room setup be completed 24 hours in advance. Pending room availability, you may have access to the relevant spaces during normal business hours up to 24 hours in advance. The shul office must approve alternate arrangements.



Floor plans must be provided to the synagogue at least five days in advance of your event. If you need assistance with your floor plan, please call the shul office and someone will be happy to assist.


Candy bags must be purchased from the Lower Merion Synagogue Sisterhood.



The fee schedule for facility rental is available at the shul office.



Families are encouraged to sponsor Kiddush so that the shul can share in the simcha. The Sisterhood provides a variety of Kiddush options. Sisterhood kiddushim include food, beverages, wine, grape juice, set up and clean-up of the room, trash removal and standard custodial services.

Families may also choose a caterer from the shul’s approved list. If an outside caterer will be hired for your luncheon, the caterer should also take care of the Kiddush.


Seudah Shlishit

To sponsor Seudah Shlishit, please call the shul office. A variety of pricing options are available.



For Saturday night affairs, Rabbi Shmidman must approve the starting time of the affair. Access to the Synagogue to anyone (including the celebrant’s family and the caterer) will not be allowed until after the conclusion of Shabbat.



The shul’s Gabbai Rishon should be informed of the Bar Mitzvah date as soon as it is confirmed by the shul office. The Gabbai should be contacted approximately one month in advance of the simcha to discuss aliyot.



Rabbi Shmidman meets with the parents and also with the child celebrating their Bar or Bat Mitzvah prior to the simcha. Please call the shul office to schedule a mutually convenient time.



All caterers and other vendors must call the shul office to schedule deliveries. All deliveries must be completed by noon on Friday unless specific arrangements are made with the shul.



Many shul families are willing to offer Shabbat hospitality. If you experience difficulty arranging for housing for your guests, please contact the Hospitality Committee Chairperson.



Pending facility availability, photographs can be taken at the synagogue prior to the simcha. All photographs taken on a Friday must be completed no later than 90 minutes prior to Shabbat. Please give the shul office at least 48 hours notice to request photography at the shul on a day other than your simcha.


Knowing with whom to speak can make planning a little easier. Questions pertaining to minyanim should be directed to Rabbi Shmidman. All questions of logistics for caterers, deliveries, staff support and billing should be directed to the shul office. While the Lower Merion Synagogue is eager to do its best to make this a special and happy time, you can find out what types of activities and schedules the facility and staff can support by discussing

your plans with the staff early on. While every request cannot be accommodated, please be assured that we will do our  utmost to be helpful.