Membership at LMS

Visitors are always welcome at Lower Merion Synagogue. If you join us on a regular basis, we encourage you to become a member. Your support enables the synagogue to provide the community with a full range of services 365 days per year. There are many privileges of LMS membership but the most important is that you will quickly become a part of our warm and welcoming family. These are just a few of the privileges of LMS membership:

  • Multiple daily, Shabbat and Yom Tov minyanim
  • Weekly shiurim, daily daf yomi and numerous educational opportunities
  • High Holiday seats at no charge
  • Significant discounts on room rental in the synagogue
  • Regular communication (by phone, e-mail, weekly bulletins and monthly calendar)
  • Services of the Nichum Aveilum committee (house preparation, meals and minyanim in shiva home)
  • Sisterhood programs (social and educational events, meals for new birth families, hospitality to new families, bikur cholim, Simchat Torah meals, special kiddushim)
  • The right to vote at all annual and special meetings of the Congregation and the right to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Youth programs (Including Shabbat and holiday groups and programs, Bnei Akiva, NCSY, Shabbat teen minyan)
  • Use of the keilim mikveh
  • Bar or Bat Mitzvah date reservation
  • Use of our extensive Beit Midrash library collection.

We invite all members to join and share in our Sisterhood and Men’s Club activities.

Ability to pay full membership dues is never a barrier to membership. If you have any questions about the Lower Merion Synagogue, the local Jewish schools, kosher shopping, etc., please feel free to be in touch with us at your convenience.

The LMS Membership Application form can be found by clicking here.

To become a member, please contact LMS Operations Manager, Tzvi Boord at  (610) 664-5626/ Email: