Passover 5775

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Purim is over so it must be time for Shmurah Matzah and the LMS Sisterhood is pleased to partner again with Shatzer Matzah! No need to schlep to Brooklyn or Lakewood for this matzah– you can order and pick yours up from LMS.


What are people saying abut Shatzer Matzah?

“Wonderful taste which I can’t find anywhere else”

“Shatzer consistently produces the best hand shmura matzah… round, crunchy, slightly charred (one can taste the artisan quality of this product, redolent of the brick oven it was baked in), and one can certainly appreciate the painstaking effort that goes into preserving this


For many years we have been buying Shatzer Matzohs. They are absolutely delicious!!!


Hand Matzah is packed one pound to the box, usually 6 or 7 full matzos per box. Cases contain 12 boxes.


To place your order, please email with the type of matzah you want and how many of each. Please also provide your name, contact phone # and preferred email.

Regular Hand Matzah: $25/pound or $285/case (12 pounds)

Wholewheat Hand Matzah: $25/pound or $285/case (12 pounds)

Shmurah Meal: $21/pound

Burnt Matzah: $18/pound


Checks can be sent to the shul office, brought to the shul at pickup (details TBA), or your order amount will be added to your shul account. Please note that orders cannot be cancelled after March 18th but you may ask that any unneeded matzah be donated to a family in need.

Sale of Chometz Forms

If you’re thinking about Matzah, you might as well think about selling your chometz too! 
The forms can be found at the links below.