Lower Merion Shuls 10 Commandments and Policy.

Dear LMShuls Subscribers,

Since its launching in June 2007, this list-serve has gotten more popular each month, and now we tally well over 1000 members. However, with this greater visibility, we have greater responsibility.

Remember, the  primary goal of the list is to be an effective tool in the building and maintenance of the Lower Merion and surrounding areas Orthodox Jewish community.Although the following rules are far from perfect, and we don't claim perfection in administering the list, the rules below are our best-intentioned attempt to keep the list running smoothly and to keep as many people involved with the list as possible. There are judgment calls involved and we do our best. 

We are, of course, open to suggestions and comments. Remember that this is a free service and we are all volunteers.

1. Thou Shalt Not Repeat Posts-  Please do not repeat posts, except as follows: (i) you can repeat a post after a month; (ii) community-wide or local shul events can be posted once every  week; (iii) shul bulletins can be sent weekly. Repeating posts excessively will simply annoy the subscribers, fill up their inboxes and will lessen the likelihood of your post being read again by them in the future. If you are an organization, make sure to appoint one person to send the posts

2. Thou Shalt Not Reply to The List Serve- Reply directly to the  Sender; No Group Thank You's - Please do not reply to entire list unless it's something extremely important that you would have posted independently. Please do not thank whole group, just senders. Otherwise we'll double the email load.

3. Thou Shalt Not Forward Messages- Do not forward messages without removing all other addresses.

4. Thou Shalt Not Post Non List Serve Related Messages-  Only posts that apply to members of the Lower Merion and surrounding areas of the Orthodox Jewish community should be posted.  We will sometimes allow posts for our neighboring cities, if it applies to Lower Merion members. Example: An event at a Kosher Restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ. A vacation apartment in Israel. Business posts are limited to business events, ie: a grand opening, special event. If you are a single business owner who is available for employment, ie: a housekeeper, nanny, home health aide etc. in Lower Merion you may post. While all charites and business postings are worthwhile, they are not appropriate for a community events list serve.

5. Thou Shalt Not Commit Lashon Harah (Gossip)-  We are not a review service, so please do not disrespect our local businesses.

6. Thou Shalt Not ALL CAPS-  Please do not send messages or type subject lines in ALL-CAPS. An exception to this would be if you need emergency medical assistance and your phone does not work. Anything else cannot be that important that it has to be SHOUTED OUT LOUD.

7. Thou Shall Sign Your Full Name-  Please sign your full name in all emails, unless your name is obvious from your email address or unless you have a specific security concern.  If you forget to sign your name, we may reject the message or we may sign your email for you if we know your name (so if you have a reason you don't want the email signed please let the moderator know in advance).

8. Thou Shalt Not Post Inappropriate Postings- Joke or prank e-mails will not be tolerated, if you abuse the list serve, your privileges to post will be revoked indefinitely. 

9. Thou Shalt Not Politically Endorse- We currently do not allow specific endorsements of political candidates on LMShuls.

10. Thou Shalt Not Assume- Not everything posted is "kosher" - LMShuls is a community-wide diverse list, and people should not automatically assume that all posts are kosher or are endorsed by the local synagogues.  At the same time, we do ask that you be conscious of the various sensitivities of all our members.

Thank You,

And feel free to send any suggestions or comments to LMShuls-owner@yahoogroups.com